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FOSDEM is an event for software developers
to exchange ideas and promote collaboration.

Every year, thousands of free and open source software developers from all over the world gather at the free event in Brussels. You don't need to register. Just come along and join in!

The IARU R1, led by our President of Region 1 and many helping hands from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, met each other for FOSDEM 2024. Andreas Spiess, HB9BLA, a well-known YouTube creator, immediately delved into the topics of OpenSource, MeshCom and SIP telephony without a central office with us. Saturday was quickly over and we were able to realize our plan to take part in the presentations on Sunday.

A tightly packed lecture program and an always overflowing lecture hall brought a lot of exciting things to the "Kopf-Log-Book" on Sunday:

Event Speakers Start End


Welcome to the Devroom and Announcements
Marcus Müller 09:00 09:15
Compressive Progress: A Very Sparse Update on GNU Radio
Marcus Müller 09:15 09:25
Using GPU for real-time SDR signal processing
Sylvain AZARIAN 09:30 09:55
trx-control - modern software to control amateur radio transceivers and other hamradio hardware
Marc Balmer 10:00 10:25
Covert Ground Based Synthetic Aperture RADAR using a WiFi emitter and SDR receiver
Jean-Michel Friedt 10:30 10:55
Design of a follow-up QO-100 payload -
Frank Zeppenfeldt 11:00 11:25
SPINO - Versatile telecommunication solution suitable for nanosatellites and Cubesats.
Christophe Mercier 11:30 11:55
Maia SDR: an open-source FPGA-based project for AD936x+Zynq radios
Daniel Estévez 12:00 12:25
quickstream: a new SDR framework
Lance Arsenault 12:30 12:55
An open source digital radio protocol for amateur radio
Morgan Diepart 13:00 13:25
OpenRTX: an open source firmware for ham radio devices
Silvano Seva 13:30 13:55
Expanding IQEngine into a Hub for Previewing RF Signal Processing Software
Marc Lichtman 14:00 14:25
DAPNET: Bringing pagers back to the 21st Century
Manoel Casquilho 14:30 14:55
srsRAN Project Update
Andre Puschmann 15:00 15:25
SatDump, A generic satellite data processing software
Alan 15:30 15:55
Searching the cosmic haystack with software radio
Nathan West 16:00 16:25
SIDLOC: Spacecraft Identification and Localization system
Manolis Surligas 16:30 16:55

I suspect that there was a talk for almost everyone interested in technology in the lectures listed.

Click on the lecture links and take a look and listen.

73 en

Kurt Baumann, OE1KBC,
Mike Zwingl, OE3MZC,