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Become a member of the ICSSW?

The Institute of Citizen Science was founded to support, document and strengthen projects around the topic of "Space & Wireless Communications" in cooperation with technical colleges, universities and public, private and governmental research institutes.

The name of the association is "Institute of Citizen Science for Space & Wireless Communication - AMSAT-OE".

abbreviated: ICSSW -AMSAT-OE

The "ICSSW - AMSAT-OE" is a legally independent association (amateur radio association) with an international scope of activities and aims at promoting scientific experiments with wireless transmission by means of citizen participation. Cooperation with other associations and groups (e.g. amateur radio associations, IARU-R1, IARU, AMSAT, etc.) is possible.

The association, whose activity is not aimed at profit, pursues a non-profit purpose and the exclusive and basically direct promotion of this purpose for the general public and the common good in the spiritual, cultural, moral or material field. In particular, the purpose of the association is: The scientific research of new technologies in connection with high-frequency transmission of information and voice, the education and training of technicians and radio amateurs. The purpose is also the development and support of satellites with and for the amateur radio service, as well as the raising of funds and public relations, and the establishment and operation of amateur radio stations (relay radio stations, club radio stations).

Seat of the association

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Purpose of the association

  • Research, development and monitoring of the development of new technologies in the field of STEM with strong citizen participation: The aim is to take up new projects and publish the results of the developments.
  • Active collaboration with leading technology providers and start-ups in the fields of telecommunications, aerospace & defense, emergency response, education and research
  • Create an interface to the maker scene in order to offer users from this scene a platform to amateur radio, the spectrum of which they already use (these researchers are active radio amateurs).
  • Active cooperation with technical universities, UAS, HTLs and research institutes.
  • Participation in space programs with project emphasis in amateur radio.
  • Presentations on the latest projects and developments for all interested parties.
  • Assist IARU with new projects.
  • Publications and monitoring of projects in
  • Website and on the Internet
  • Association magazines
  • technical magazines and social media channels
  • Public relations for the ongoing projects
  • Observation of EMC developments and active participation in the relevant committees in the standardization bodies.
  • Representation of interests for the amateur radio service and concerns of "Citizen Science".
  • Development of new technologies for emergency - disaster radio.
  • Seeking financial support for the purpose of the association or special projects
  • Promoting inclusion and equality in the environment of education, technology and research.
  • Student/student support, vocational training and adult education.
  • Science and research
  • International understanding and civil defense/disaster relief

Membership packages

  • The members of the Association are divided into ordinary, and extraordinary members.
  • Ordinary members are those who participate fully in the work of the Association. Extraordinary members are those who support the Association's activities mainly through payment of financial contributions or donations.
Package Price  
ICSSW Membership 150.00€ per year.
Access ends after 1 year.
ICSSW membership for members in an IARU organization 70.00€ per year.
Access ends after 1 year.
ICSSW Membership for Pupils and Students 35.00€ per year. Select
ICSSW membership for family members 35.00€ per year.
Access ends after 1 year.
ICSSW Membership for Organizations 350.00€ per year.
Access ends after 1 year.