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MeshCom versions

Current MeshCom 4.0 MC firmware 4.32d PreRelease

2024-04-27 4.32d

  • WiFi now also switchable as WiFi AP
    "-setwifiap on", SSID, PWD are determined by the set values -setssid and -setpwd taken from
  • Version# including SUB info "a-z" is transferred to the server dashboard
    Note: also update the gateways to 4.32d

2024-04-21 4.32c

  • RAK 13002 Port extension
  • New user button function
    • onetime press...display on/off and forwarding of the last received messages
    • double press...sendpos/sendtrack depending on track mode
    • tripple press...Track on/off
  • MCP 23017 I2C port extender 16 I/O with internal 100k pull-up resistor
  • WEBService - New TAB MCP-STATUS. Remote control of the I2C port extension MCP 23017

2024-04-07 4.32b

  • WEBService - Various masks/field customizations
  • WEBService - New TAB LoRx-RX LOG


  • DM calls and ACK messages are not filtered correctly - fixed
  • WEBServer directly from the node - see extra documentation
  • mDNS service for locating the WEB server
  • Server delivers incorrect UTC after daylight saving time changeover - fixed


  • UTC offset value is not written to flash (ESP32). fixed
  • T-BEAM SoftRF T22_V1.1 AXP192 power management chip cannot be controlled via I2C - work around
  • DM to WLNK-1 and APRS2SOTA via gateway - ACK message directly from gateway to node
  • T-BEAM combined both AXP chip variants (AXP192 and AXP2101) in one firmware. Hardware ID different
  • Compilation for case sensitive OS - fixed (OE1KHZ)


  • Merging the gateway function for RAK modules with ETH hardware
  • Automatic RECONNECT of RAK modules with gateways via ETH hardware after server failure
  • Messages from the node to the APP are provided with a timestamp of the creation
    • The APP can then display these messages at the correct time when called up later
  • MHeard of the own node is no longer sent to the APP
  • MHeard calculates the distance of the node neighbors heard to your own node and displays it
  • MHeard is passed to the APP when connecting for the first time to display current information
  • UTC offset was introduced so that the time display on the node is local time (LT)
  • The current time is sent from the smartphone to the node after a connect. This means that the timestamp is immediately available
  • The first messages after a reconnect of the APP to the node are transmitted by the node with a slight delay so that the BT stack is fully established
  • The information from the node to the APP is transferred in Json format and sent with a time interval
  • APRS/EMAIL using WLNK-1 commands (documentation on can be sent via LoRa
    • with WLNK-1 registration, mail retrieval, SMS short messages and email sending are possible
  • From 4.30, the message ID consists of 10-bit MAC (LSB) + 6-bit sequential number 0-999
  • LoRa position does not send stable weather values from the sensors so that the telemetry graphic display is not disturbed
  • If no TRACK is activated, the node module also sends the POS at least every 3 minutes via the MeshCom frequency (if this has changed)
  • APP: The smartphone/tablet time is sent when connecting to the node during reconnect
  • ESP32 DisplayWaitTimer adjusted for a text message
  • Display of own IP address in info call if gateway is activated



  • Firmware MC 4.29h
  • Fixed - Pixel on the right edge when using the 1.3″ OLED display
  • -


  • Firmware MC 4.29a
  • BMP/BME280, OneWire temperature measurement
    • Values now also with a negative sign
  • BME680 - new I2C sensor
  • CU-811 - new I2C sensor with CO2
  • Fixed - LAT/LON /N/S/W/E also in the transfer to the APP (new APP required)
  • UTC Time Offset
    • new command -utcoff +/-99.9
    • This uses the time received from the GPS to get the local time for the display
  • RAK Firmware
    •  OTA-BLE update via Nordic Connect and DFU app
    •  Onewire sensor via RAK13002 I/O board
    •  BME680 Sensor RAK1906

Firmware MC 4.29b

  • -utcoff +/- 99.9 activated (UTC offset to local time)
    -showi2c activated for RAK
    -680 on/off activated for all modules



Firmware MC 4.29c / prerelease

  • if TRACK ON and APP are connected via BLE, the positions are also transmitted to the APP
  • if TRACK ON then a current position is also sent via MeshCom every 20 minutes


  • Firmware MC 4.23
  • new there is only one firmware which can run as client or gateway. Only for RAK modules, which have an ETH socket as module, there is an own gateway firmware
    • How to activate a gateway?
      • first set the callsign -setcall xx0xxx-12
      • dann den SSID-Code des erreichbaren WLAN-Netzes setzen  — setssid <WlanSSID>
      • dann das Password für den WLAN-Zugriff setzen ..setpwd <WlanPWD>
      • after approx. 10 sec. the module restarts automatically
    • Which new commands (see also Command list) are there?
      • -gps on/off (please set again after a firmware flash)
      • -button on/off activates the request for a user button. If none is available please leave disabled
      • -setinfo on/off by default the display of received and transmitted LoRa packets is not active. This makes it easier to edit the basic configuration.
      • -wx if BME280/BMP280 chip is present, -wx displays the current values
      • -track on The display shows in detail the GPS data (module must be present).
        • New is the display of#
          • Indication whether a "fix" has been reached. The values become usable only after a fix
          • Number of visible satellites
          • HDOP gibt die Genauigkeit der empfangenen GPS-Daten an eine Zahl < 500 ist anzustreben
          • The direction and distance traveled since the last GPS O point detected.
    • BME/BMP208 with
      • -bme on or bmp on enable
      • -bmx off disables the module
    • New function flow for better detection of MeshCom packet collisions
    • Various minor firmware improvements
    • Instructions for activating new hardware add-ons



  • Firmware CL 4.21
  • new GPS with external module now also at:
    • HELTEC V2 and V3 and EBYTE_E22 prepared.
    • HELTEC V2/V3 RX of UBLOX connected to PIN 36 and TX connected to PIN 37.
    • E22 with TX 17 and RX 16
    • Hint: Please activate the UBLOX module with "- - gps on".


  • Firmware CL 4.20
    • new GPS SmartBeaconing
      • The default repetition rate for GPS positions is 30 minutes.
      • When the location changes, the repetition rate is changed. The repetition rate in minutes for a distance traveled of:
        • 1 minute - up to 120 m in 10 sec
        • 2 minutes - up to 420 m in 10 sec
        • 3 minutes - up to 1100 m in 10 sec
        • 5 minutes above
      • Furthermore, an additional position message is sent if the direction changes by more than 15°.
    • new Display positions
      • Direction in ° to the displayed callsign
      • Distance in km to the displayed callsign
    • new User button on the T-Beam. The display shows up to four stored text messages per button operation. If no message is stored, the display is shown with its own information. Another button operation switches the display off (but is not stored permanently). If you leave a displayed message or the own information, the display of the incoming positions will be shown again after 30 seconds.
      • activate with -button on
      • disable with -button off



  • Firmware CL 4.19
    • new CL
      • TBEAM User Button
        After a short press on the middle button first

        • the last (up to three) text messages (most recent first) are displayed
        • after the last (stored) message the display is set to off
      • Time is shown second by second in the display as top line.
        The time is sent from MeshCom server to the mesh cloud every 5 minutes.
        Until the first reception of the server time is started at 00:00:00.
        When GPS is received, the time is synchronized to the GPS signal
    • fixed CL
      • TBEAM Battery Volt/Proz improved


  • Firmware CL 4.18 and GW 4.20
    • fixed GW
      • display off is automatically set to off again after displaying a message
    • fixed CL
      • Time indication in seconds on the display


  • Firmware CL 4.17 and GW 4.19
    • new CL & GW:
      • All LAT/LON only with 4 digits after the decimal point (also at DashBoard)
      • DM (Direct Message) !Important! CL & GW only from this version
    • fixed GW:
      • Volt display
        • -info command
        • Display
      • Date/Time as CEST
      • -volt in flash memory
    • fixed CL:
      • -display off into the flash memory
      • Start info remains on display for 5sec
      • Node parameters always on display at startup


  • Firmware CL 4.16 and GW 4.17
    • fixed:
      • BLE set to +9dBm again
      • TX Delay Variation BETA Test
      • Remove ACK from text


  • Firmware CL 4.15 and GW 4.16
    • fixed:
      • Time is continuously shown on displays with position info. The time is synchronized either via on-board GPS or according to a time message sent by the MeshCom server at 10-minute intervals.
      • REBOOT hold from
        • -display settings
        • -volt or -proz
      • FAVOR
        • -volt for display of the ACCU voltage in volts.
        • -proz additionally to show the indication of the ACCU charge in percent.
        • -help was supplemented with new commands
        • -maxv This can be used to enter the system-specific final landing voltage in volts. Thus the percentage calculation is referred to this value.
      • Display of -info adjusted for CL and GW.
      • Position is sent after reboot or power on after approx. 10 seconds so that the CL appears immediately in the dashboard.
    • new:
      • Support of HELTEC-V3
      • Direct messages (DM) are acknowledged by the destination node in accordance with APRS (ACK). Messages to All (*) are acknowledged by the next gateway (ACK).
      • User Button
        • T-BEAM, HELTEC-V3 currently the function toggle display on/off (but is not stored in the flash). More functions in the next version.


  • Firmware CL 4.14 and GW 4.15
    • fixed:
      • HELTEC ESP32 GPS pins prepared for external connection
      • APRS protocol adapted for battery% and sea level in feet
      • Messages in complete again
      • Display on dashboard also complete again


  • Firmware CL 4.12 and GW 4.13
    • new:
      • Timer with sync via server timer message and/or sync from GPS
      • Display off GW node (--display off) switches the display off permanently
      • Display off CL-Node (--display off) switches the display off. Messages are displayed but after 30 seconds the display switches off automatically.
      •  New commands:
        • --volt toggle display Batt-% or Batt-Volt on OLED display
        • --mheard (short --mh) Gives a list of LoRa nodes heard directly via HF.
        • --setdate so that the timer can be set to manual
          (Example: --setdate 2023-05-11 15:25:02)
        • --setnoinfo is used to import multiple command lines at once.
        • After entering --setcall, --setssid, --setpwd, --sethamnet and --setinet the autom. reboot is delayed (approx. 5 seconds).
    • fixed:
      • New way of battery measurement
      • Various length checks
        • max. LoRa message with Path, Type, Message and FCS 255 byte
        • max. CallSign length 14 bytes
        • max. SSID, PWD 40 bytes))

Version history


Firmware CL 4.11 and GW 4.12 in download:
- MAC address error (OE5ERN) fixed
- IPhone display in general CL-xxxx-OE1KBC-99
-Android display of RAK modules CL-xxxx-OE1KBC-99
-Android display of ESP modules CL-xxxx- (Rainer and I will try to trick the standard lib later)
-ESP32 BLE power adapted to RAK +9 dBM


BLE name length max. 8 chars - delete pairing entry once


ESP32 Client & Gateways ready for IPhone APP now with PINCODE 000000
New command "- -display off" ... display on client is switched off. But with the next text message it will be activated automatically
New command "- -display on" ... display on client will be switched on.
Store&Forward to the APP - if the APP is not connected to the client, (only) the text messages are collected and will be delivered at the next CONNECT.


- fixed
ESP32 client & gateways ready for IPhone APP
GPS repetition CL&GW set to 30 minutes (dynamic follows)
New command "- -reboot


- new Time is now displayed as CEST
- fixed GPS module support for various UBLOX modules


- new
Client FW version is sent in the log


- Fixed
BLE name shorter
minor adjustments


History client firmware

Firmware CL 4.11 and GW 4.12 in download:
- MAC address error (OE5ERN) fixed
- IPhone display in general CL-xxxx-OE1KBC-99
-Android display of RAK modules CL-xxxx-OE1KBC-99
-Android display of ESP modules CL-xxxx- (Rainer and I will try to trick the standard lib later)
-ESP32 BLE power adapted to RAK +9 dBM

fixed: BLE max. 8 chars - delete pairing entry once
new: - -display on/off

- fixed
ESP32 client & gateways ready for IPhone APP
GPS retry CL&GW set to 30 minutes (dynamically follows)
ESP32 WiFi auto reconnect time in 5 wait time levels 30,60,90,120,150 seconds therefore max. wait time for a reconnect 150 seconds
New command "- -reboot

- new get SSID &b PWD via APP
- fixed DHCP now stable in slow switches

- new Settings:
-reboot to restart the gateway
-all to show text and position messages on the display
-msg only text messages are shown on the display
- fixed restart after -setssid and -setpwd but without autom. change of settings

- new Time is now displayed as CEST
- fixed GPS module support for various UBLOX modules
- fixed restart after -setssid command does not hang anymore

- new
Gateway FW version is sent in the log

- fixed
GW now also sends messages received from the server to the SmartPhone APP

- Fixed
All UDP, LoRa RX,TX messages are shown on the display, no hold time for TX messages.
Firmware version is shown on display and transmitted to DashBoard
Erroneous double transmissions to LoRa removed

- Fixed
ESP32 receiving messages now correct
ALL If gateway is used as node. Display of server transmission (cloud with hackerl) now OK.

- new commands
"- -sethamnet" uses HAMNET IP for the server
"- -setinet" uses I-NET IP for the server (default)