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Citizen science in the service of meteorology

Weather data collection and transmission by radio amateurs
in cooperation with Skywarn Austria and Geosphere Austria

(c) Skywarn Austria / Johannes Steinhäuser

The world of weather monitoring is undergoing a significant change through the participation of radio amateurs and weather enthusiasts in close cooperation with Skywarn Austria and Geosphere Austria.

In the age of extreme weather events, the collection of microclimate data is becoming increasingly important in order to enable more precise forecasts and more up-to-date warnings.

The emerging Citizen Science weather monitoring movement, in which dedicated communities are helping to collect and transmit a wealth of weather data through their passion for amateur radio, is making an important contribution to research into climate change and its concrete effects. Radio amateurs can safely transmit the collected data and warnings even if the mobile radio networks fail by using their own radio links, e.g. via Lora-MeshCom 4.0 and APRS telemetry.

The cooperation with Skywarn Austria and Geosphere Austria reinforces the professionalism and diversity of this initiative, which is based on the broad commitment of citizens.

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