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Installation Guide

For the MeshCom 4.0 project, the following LoRa hardware modules are currently supported (more are still being added):

  • RAK Wireless LoRa WisBlock Core RAK4631 also with GPS

  • T-Beam T22 V1.1 ESP32 LoRa Wireless Module with GPS

  • T-Lora T3 V1.6.1 ESP32 LoRa32

  • HELTEC WiFi ESP32 LoRa 32 (V2)
  • HELTEC WiFi ESP32 LoRa 32 (V3)
  • ESP32 / E22 modules
  • T deck from Lilygo

Please note when ordering that we only support EU433 to remain amateur radio compatible. With an own firmware (see download) all listed LoRa modules can also be used as gateway. The RAK4631 however only with WisBlock ETH modules.

The ESP32 modules (all except RAK) are programmed with a flash application (available in the download), the RAK modules are accessed via an embedded drive (see instructions).

MeshCom 4.0 Dashboard

Die erfolgreiche Installation kann via der Seite <-DashBoard kontrolliert werden.

Firmware for ESP32 modules:

Download the Windows ESP-32 flasher and have it ready to be called.

Download the appropriate firmware for the LoRa module and have it ready.

MeshCom 4.0 Firmware <-DownLoad

Flash firmware for ESP32 modules:

Start Windows ESP-32-Flasher (no installation necessary)

  • Select Serial port from LoRa module
  • Select the previously stored firmware with the Browse button.
  • Flash ESP with button Start Flash ESP process
  • After the firmware is running you can see the messages in the ESP-32-Flasher. Attention but no inputs. For this you have to work with a serial console (PuTTY).

All modules can be configured and operated via the serial interface, with a serial console (PuTTY), as well as with a MeshCom APP (IPhone or Android).

The client or gateway module remains 'connected' to the PC/laptop with the USB cable. Find out the serial COM interface in the device manager under the connections (COM & LPT). With a client program like PuTTY open the interface with the connection type Serial and with Speed 115200 .

Call PuTTY console

To make the line breaks work correctly please check Implicit CR in every LF .

Then press the Open button to start communication.

The MeshCom configuration needs in any case:

  • -setcall XX0XXX-99

For a MeshCom gateway, additional is configured:

  • -setssid WLANssid
  • -setpwd WLANpassword
  • -gatewayon
  • -setinet This command fixes the use of the I-NET IP for the MeshCom 4.0 server (default).

The MeshCom gateway automatically takes an IP address via WLAN using DHCP. If the module is in a 44.x.x.x network, the connection to the MeshCom 4.0 server is also connected via HAMNET.

If the coordinates do not come from a GPS module, they can also be fixed manually:

  • -setlat 99.99999 (in degrees with decimals)
  • -setlon 999.9999 (in degrees with decimals)
  • -setalt 9999 (in m without decimals)


The following additional commands are available: MeshCom commands

The LoRa parameters below are fixed for MeshCom 4.0.

  • Frequency 433.175 MHz
  • LoRa Parameter
    • SF 11
    • CR 4/6
    • BW 250

Control via the MeshCom 4.0 Dashboard

Die erfolgreiche Installation kann via der Seite <-DashBoard kontrolliert werden.