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MeshCom 4.0 - Version 4.30

A warm hello to all those interested in the MeshCom 4.0 project,

The MeshCom team has released a new version of the firmware. Rainer OE1KFR has created and published the corresponding SmartPhone/tablet APP (version 4.13).
A major innovation is in the gateway firmware. This is now integrated into the common firmware for RAK modules with ETH hardware.
It should be noted that all ESP32-based modules only allow a gateway to the MeshCom server via a WiFi connection. Such a connection via a wired interface is only possible using RAK modules with ETH hardware. However, this RAK hardware is not equipped with a WiFi interface.

Important: The new APP version 4.13 also requires firmware 4.30a or higher

  • Current MeshCom 4.0 MC firmware 4.30 Changes and enhancements

    • Merging the gateway function for RAK modules with ETH hardware
    • Automatic RECONNECT of RAK modules with gateways via ETH hardware after server failure
    • Messages from the node to the APP are provided with a timestamp of the creation
      • The APP can then display these messages at the correct time when called up later
    • MHeard of the own node is no longer sent to the APP
    • MHeard calculates the distance of the node neighbors heard to your own node and displays it
    • MHeard is passed on to the APP when connecting for the first time to display current information
    • UTC offset was introduced so that the time display on the node is local time (LT)
    • The current time is sent from the smartphone to the node after a connect. This means that the timestamp is immediately available
    • The first messages after a reconnect of the APP to the node are transmitted by the node with a slight delay so that the BT stack is fully established
    • The information from the node to the APP is transferred in JSON format and sent with a time delay
    • APRS/EMAIL using WLNK-1 commands (documentation on can be sent via LoRa
      • with WLNK-1 registration, mail retrieval, SMS short messages and email sending are possible
    • From 4.30, the message ID consists of 10-bit MAC (LSB) + 6-bit sequential number 0-999
    • LoRa position does not send stable weather values from the sensors so that the telemetry graphic display is not disturbed
    • If no TRACK is activated, the node module also sends the POS at least every 3 minutes via the MeshCom frequency (if this has changed)
    • APP: The smartphone/tablet time is sent when connecting to the node during reconnect
    • ESP32 DisplayWaitTimer adjusted for a text message
    • Display of own IP address in info call if gateway is activated

The firmware is available for download in the download area of and on the WEB-Flasher under Release 4.30.
We hope that the new version will meet with great interest and recommend upgrading to this version. The messages of older firmware versions are compatible on the HF interface. However, the APP with version 4.13 no longer runs with older firmware.

The development team

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