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Resilient communication in a crisis...

(c) ICSSW / Kurt Baumann, Mike Zwingl

... through modern amateur radio and citizen science

The Institute of Citizen Sience (ISCCS) is a platform dedicated to the promotion and exploration of resilient communication methods through modern amateur radio. In a world where reliable communication is crucial, innovative technologies such as LoRa, MeshCom, APRS and HAMNET (IP radio relay) play a central role in creating resilient and flexible communication networks.

Resilience through modern amateur radio technologies

Our mission is to familiarize the amateur radio community with the latest developments in the areas of LoRa (Long Range), MeshCom (Mesh Communication), APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) and HAMNET (Amateur Radio High-Speed Multimedia Network). By using these modern technologies, we can build resilient communication networks that function reliably even in challenging environments and emergency situations.

Focus of the projects:

1 LoRa - long-range communication:

Experience the benefits of LoRa modulation, which enables an impressive range with the lowest transmission power. Discover how this technology makes it possible to send and receive data over long distances, ideal for use in remote areas or in situations where conventional means of communication fail.

2 MeshCom - Self-healing networks:

Explore and reinforce Meshcom4.0, where communication networks are self-organizing and thus resilient to failures. Learn how MeshCom systems based on LoRa modulation ensure the reliability and availability of messages in dynamic environments.

3 APRS - real-time localization and telemetry:

Explore the possibilities of APRS, a technology that transmits real-time location information over the amateur radio band. Discover how APRS improves coordination in emergency situations and outdoor activities.

4 HAMNET - high-speed multimedia networks:

Experience the world of HAMNET, which provides high-speed multimedia networks for the amateur radio community. Learn how HAMNET creates robust connections for data exchange and multimedia applications.

Community engagement and resources:

We believe in sharing knowledge and experience. Check out our resources, participate in discussions and keep up to date with the latest developments in the world of modern amateur radio.

Discover the possibilities opened up by resilient communication with modern amateur radio and be part of a community that focuses on reliability and innovation. Welcome to the future of amateur radio communication!

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