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Talk to kick off the ideas workshop

In cooperation with the ICSSW and the ÖVSV Vienna regional association, we are presenting the ideas workshop on this evening, which will provide a platform for discussions, project ideas and project developments.

Based on specific current projects and the presentation of project ideas, this evening is intended to provide an understanding of the possibilities for using our (amateur) radio expertise. Cooperation with partners from research and science, citizen science will also be discussed on this evening.

We will hold this evening as a talk, which offers you the opportunity to participate in the process of setting up an ideas workshop.

The evening will be hosted by:

  • Mike, OE3MZC from ICSSW - Institute of Citizen Science for Space and Wireless Communication and
  • Kurt, OE1KBC from ÖVSV LV1 as country manager and project developer in the ICSSW

The ICSSW and the ÖVSV-LV1 invite you to take part in the launch of the new open ideas workshop.

Bring along some ideas for discussions and projects for the evening.

The Board of the Vienna Provincial Association is looking forward to your visit.

We will also try to organize this hybrid evening via ZOOM conference. Please register so that I can send you the link(

29.02.2024 - 19:00 h

LV1 lecture room
Eisvogelgasse 4/1st floor
1060 Vienna