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MeshCom 4.0 FAQ

Questions and answers

Q: What does the green tick mean

A: If a message from the APP has arrived in the MeshCom node via Bluetooth, this is reported back to the APP and displayed with a green check mark.

Q: What does the green cloud mean

A: After the message has been sent out by the own MeshCom node and at least one other MeashCom node has heard this message and sends it out again (mesh network). The own NODE receives this message and passes on this information to the SmartPhone APP. In short: at least one other MeshCom node has heard us.

Q: What does the green cloud with small tick mean?

1) The cloud with a small check mark gives us the information that our message was received by a MeshCom gateway node and passed on to the server.
For this a special ACK message goes from the gateway node via mesh network back to its own node.
2) If we have sent a direct message (DM), this cloud informs us with Hakerl that the destination callsign of the DM message has been received.
For this purpose, an ACK message goes directly from the receiver node back to the sender node via the mesh network (including MeshCom server).

Q: The Hop number, in the DashBoard, what does it say ?

A: The hop count always counts down from 5 by 1 when a message has passed over a node, i.e. has been sent out again. 4 means that the message has just made a hop. If the counter is 0, it will not be sent out again, because it has made the maximum allowed hops. This prevents that messages are sent out again and again forever.
Additional note: ah thanks for the clarification! I previously thought it was the number of hops the message had taken to get to a GW. Was wondering why it was such a high number. So it is the other way around - it shows the hops remaining. "Hops remaining"