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MeshCom 4.0 - transmitting messages via LoRa

Topic: MeshCom 4.0 - Send and receive messages via LoRa
Speaker: Ing. Kurt Baumann, OE1KBC
Location: Vienna 1060, Eisvogelgasse 4/3 (1st floor), ÖVSV National Association
When: Thursday 19.01.2023 7 pm
  • What is LoRa - what can LoRa do?
  • How do mesh networks work?
  • What is a node?
  • What is a gateway?
  • What is MeshCom?
  • What do I need to join MeshCom?
  • Where can MeshCom be used:
    • Research of animal migration, hail, lightning, tornado, water levels,
      radioactivity, seismology, classic weather data, and movements of all kinds.
    • Communication also viable in emergency/cat situations
    • Communication via satellites
  • How can I upload the firmware to "my" LoRa module?
  • Where can I find up-to-date information?

Link to video: Citizen Science, MeshCom 4.0

Link to the slides: Citizen Science - MeshCom 4.0

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