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Ice Bird Talk - Citizen Science Talk

Topic: Citizen Science, We want to know! We all are research!
Speaker: Ing. Mike Zwingl, OE3MZC
Location: Vienna 1060, Eisvogelgasse 4/3 (1st floor), ÖVSV National Association

When: Thursday 12.01.2023 7 pm

Scientific projects with the help of interested amateurs.

  • Report observations, perform automated measurements,
    Forward data for analysis and store in database.
  • Research of animal migration, hail, lightning, tornado, water levels,
    radioactivity, seismology, classic weather data, and movements of all kinds.
  • Simple reception systems with SDR technology, GPS-supported, on many sites,
    many hands & brains and
  • Use of wireless communication on free frequencies in ISM, CB, PMR and amateur radio bands.
  • Wireless communication via free resilient citizen networks which are also sustainable in emergency/cat situations (HAMNET, MeshCom, LoRaAPRS).
  • Communication via satellites for space exploration, observations using radio astronomy, observations of anomalies in the ionosphere.
  • Use existing know-how of analog and digital radio technology, and of radio networks (HAMNET) to explore new things together.
  • Positive impact in society leads to recognition in authorities and politics.
  • Funding for projects, sites, antennas, frequencies.

Link to the video: Citizen Science, We want to know! We are all research!

Link to the slides: Citizen Science - We want to know! We are all research!


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