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MeshCom - Air Mobile

MeshCom is traveling as a project with the balloon project to HAMRADIO 2023.

MeshCom 4.0 uses a LoRa modulation which is

  • robust,
  • energy-saving,
  • small module size,
  • low weight and
  • with low power large ranges


These parameters are ideally suited for technical experiments.

The traveling MeshCom module will transmit the classic parameters like GPS position, air pressure, temperature and humidity with the new APRS compatible MeshCom protocol. We expect very high ranges due to the increase (terrestrial up to 140km achievable). The signals will also be imported into the MeshCom dashboard and the GPS position will be displayed with the measured values via APRS protocol on As callsign DL0TTM ( as DL0TTM-23) is used.

We wish you good luck tracking this MeshCom project and look forward to feedback.

73 de Kurt



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