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Ice Bird Talk - Citizen Science Talk

On Thursday the 12.01.2023 from 19 clock we got the lecture room from the ÖVSV-Landesverband-Wien and Ing. Mike Zwingl, OE3MZC will give the following lecture:
Place: Vienna 1060, Eisvogelgasse 4/3 (1st floor), ÖVSV National Association.
When: Thursday 12.01.2023 7 pm
Topic: Citizen Science, We want to know! We are all research!

  • Scientific projects with the help of interested amateurs.
  • Report observations, perform automated measurements,
    Forward data for analysis and store in database.
  • Research of animal migration, hail, lightning, tornado, water levels,
    radioactivity, seismology, classic weather data, and movements of all kinds.
  • Simple reception systems with SDR technology, GPS-supported, on many sites,
    many hands & brains and
  • Use of wireless communication on free frequencies in ISM, CB, PMR and amateur radio bands.
  • Wireless communication via free resilient citizen networks which are also sustainable in emergency/cat situations (HAMNET, MeshCom, LoRaAPRS).
  • Communication via satellites for space exploration, observations using radio astronomy, observations of anomalies in the ionosphere.
  • Use existing know-how of analog and digital radio technology, and of radio networks (HAMNET) to explore new things together.
  • Positive impact in society leads to recognition in authorities and politics.
  • Funding for projects, sites, antennas, frequencies.

Ing. Mike Zwingl, OE3MZC, will be available for discussion after the presentation. Many new topics and refreshments await you.

Kind regards


  1. Manfred Litscher

    Dear ICSSW Team!

    At the lecture on 12.01.2023 at the OVSV there was the presentation of a small blue box in connection with cell phone.
    Please send me a link where you can find out more about it.
    I think it is about MeshCom.

    Thank you

    Manfred Litscher

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