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26th IARU Region 1 Conference 2023

Where? Zlatibor/Serbia
When? from 01.11-04.11.2023.

IARU Region 1's triennial General Conference (GC) 2023 was a great success for the amateur radio service in every way.

  • Contest processing and evaluation
  • Beacon systems
  • Frequency coordination
  • Cross-border data exchange

The very important current topic - where the amateur radio service is heading - "Shaping the Future" was dealt with in particular detail. This very important topic was presented in three plenary sessions.

  • Presentation on SDR & GNU radio by Derek MW0LNA from
  • Lecture on Citizen Science & Wireless Communication by Mike OE3MZC from
  • Presentation on the development of Shaping the Future at IARU R1

These presentations on the topic of Shaping the Future were extremely well received by the conference participants. The Budget Committee (C2) has taken up this topic and earmarked a significant proportion of the budget for the years 2024-2026 for it. The Executive Committee (C3) put a recommendation to the vote which provided for a new chair for the Shaping the Future working group.

In the plenary session, Mike OE3MZC was elected chairman of this future-oriented working group.

This also allows us to combine the Wireless Communication & Citizen Science goals in a very coordinated way with the new working group to promote new areas in IARU Region 1. We will present details of new projects from this working group on these pages and look forward to seeing lots of activity in the already rapidly growing ICSSW community.

The ICSSW team

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  1. oe3mzc

    The promotion of innovative technologies will be the focus of the coming year. This requires enough "free" spectrum (frequency ranges) for experiments, especially for "broadband" applications!
    The ICSSW is also involved as an interest group to ensure low-threshold access to frequency resources and to continue to guarantee the "freedom to experiment" for everyone.
    Please support us in this important work!
    Thank you
    de Mike

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