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With these WEB pages we want to cover the range of topics around "Citizen Science for Space & Wireless Communication" like:

  • Developing and experimenting with new technologies,
  • Implementation of project ideas including self-build prototypes,
  • collect and present information on current developments, projects and activities


Citizen Science refers to methods and fields of science in which research projects are carried out with the assistance of or entirely by interested laypersons. They formulate research questions, conduct research, report observations, carry out measurements, publish or evaluate data. Wikipedia

The target groups of these pages will be kept very broad.

There will be:

  • Students from technical schools and HTL's,
  • Students from technical colleges and universities,
  • and all those interested in radio technology for the transmission of voice and data in the terrestrial and orbital environment


The pages are intended to provide an introduction to various topics as well as detailed information on projects.